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مركز الأبحاث و الدراسات العربيّة
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The CREA (Centre for Research and Arab Studies) attached to the Faculty of Languages at Saint Joseph University provides Arabic language teaching for non-arabophones including exchange students at USJ.

The teaching material elaborated by our team of researchers adopts an interactive method that favors group work through communication, simulation, role play, etc.

Its main assets are:

  • An approach focusing on the learner;
  • A wide range of technical support (audio, video, audio-visual, multimedia, etc.);
  • An emphasis on oral skills;
  • Educational games through a special and unconventional method of teaching graphics with special emphasis on the interactive approach;
  • Songs as a means of relaxation.

Two course options are available: literary and/or Lebanese dialect.

As evidenced, the total immersion into a linguistic and cultural context fosters integration and gives impetus to the learning process; hence, Arabic is the sole language used in the learning process without any recourse to neither foreign languages nor translation.

The teaching material consists of a multimedia trilogy:

Tawabel wa Harir: covering 6 levels of classical Arabic (A2, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECR).

Qifa Nahki: addressed to those wishing to perfect their already advanced linguistic skills.

Chou Hal Haki: Addressed to those wishing to learn Lebanese dialect .

The teaching materials consisting of a range of printed documents, worksheets, audio CDs and others are provided as and when required.

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