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مركز الأبحاث و الدراسات العربيّة
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Humanities Campus (CSH)
POB: 17-5208, Mar Mikhaël 
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E-mail : crea@usj.edu.lb

  Welcome to CREA

You are hereby welcome to the English site of CREA.

In the wake of the Arab spring, despite a few gloomy blossoms here and there, one cannot help but notice the fiery element in the Arabic language, setting ablaze all emotions.
Here’s a language learning opportunity that will perhaps open new horizons before you.
Here’s to share a language learning journey a myriad of similar non-Arabic-speakers have already embarked upon before you…
Should you wish to explore the secrets of Standard Modern or of Colloquial Arabic, CREA offers you the following:

  • Extensive courses
  • Summer intensive courses
  • Course credits validated in EU
  • Courses open to all

I hope everything will be smooth sailing as of this point.

Happy surfing!

Nada El Khoury
Directrice du CREA



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